Kaja, 1st year student

This is a great school for improved health. I suffered both mentally and physically because of heart problems that the doctors couldn’t help me with, but the Heilsumeistrakólinn could.

Ásta María, 1st year student

I found the cleansing wonderful. The school woke me up and now supports me in what I long to do. It is great how there has also been other changes for the better, in other areas of my life along with the healing cleanse: my apartment finally sold and changes in my work that I have long been wishing for have manifested. I was worried about the money part but that solved itself.

Rannveig Hrafnkelsdóttir, naturopath

>What I like best about Heilsumeistarasklinn is how practical, holistic and different the study is. The teaching methods are a great deal of fun and we get to experience a lot of different things and try them out. Also, each student is supported psychologically, which is where, in my point of view, we find the roots of all problems. I also really enjoyed learning how we can use food as medicine and how eating right prevents health problems from developing down the road.

Bergdís Jónsdóttir, hairstylist and 3rd year student

I would never have believed how much transformation I could undergo in each class and each one in it’s own unique way. I now see that I was doing ok before I started the school but needed to re-educate and re-invent myself. The study surprised me and was much more exciting than I expected in the beginning. And at the end when everything was brought together and integrated it all made complete sense. The school teaches us about life itself. In the school it becomes clear to you how much we, in our modern lifestyle, have gone off the tracks and how dangerous that is. In the school I rediscovered myself, I met my true self, I learned what my truth was and dumped an enormous amount of stuff (mental, emotional, physical and life). I can do everything I want to do and so much more that I couldn’t even imagine; my possibilities today are without limits. I will turn fifty this fall and my life is a journey and I intend to enjoy it full out.

Guðriður, 1st year student and homeopath.

It is the best thing that could ever have happened to me, to begin this school,” says Guðriður. “The positive changes that have taken place in my life since I started this school are ones of physical healing to an extent I couldn’t even imagine. The school has widened my horizon.” Guðriður most definitely recommends this school and says: “Don’t hesitate, jump!