Brigitte Mars is an Herbalist, Author, and Raw Food Chef from Boulder, Colorado, with over 40 years’ experience in natural lifestyles. She lived for two and a half years, on wild edible plants while living in a tipi in the Ozarks, in the early seventies.She is the author of The Desktop Guide to Herbal Medicine, Country Almanac of Home Remedies, Addiction Free Naturally, The Sexual Herbal, The HempNut Cookbook, Rawsome!, and Healing Herbal Teas.


Brigitte teaches at Naropa University, Bauman College of Holistic Health and Natural Chef, The School of Natural Medicine, Just for the Health of It School of Reflexology and Healing Arts, Boulder College of Massage Therapy, Esalen Institute, Kripalu, and atHeilsumeistraskolinn.


She has a private practice, helps out at Pharmaca, and has a local weekly radio show on KGNU called Naturally. She is the mother of Sunflower Sparkle Mars, a dancer now teacher, and Rainbeau Harmony Mars, actress, international model and yogini.


Brigitte lives in Boulder, Colorado. Brigitte teaches Traditional Herbalism for Heilsumeistaraskólinn.




Leonard Mehlmauer, ND. is Eyology professor and researcher at Grand Medicine in clinical practice since 1972. A trained (and recently retired) naturopath, he is author of acclaimed Iridology and Sclerology books and materials. His Sclerology manual, ‘Sclerology – A New View of an Ancient Art’, was praised by Bernard Jensen and other practitioners, and translated into other languages. He edits the field periodical Eyology Journal and has authored official documents toward Eyology standards for the Philippines and as a worldwide model.


Nenita Sarmiento-Mehlmauer, BSc, CPA, Co-Director of Grand Medicine (GranMed, GM), is our creative artist – a world-class Eyologist and principal GM researcher. A powerhouse of energy, creativity and professional savvy, she plans, organizes, and prepares and manages hardware, software, materials, research, logistics and technology at the GM lab and abroad. Insisting on quality and integrity, Nenita is Dr. Mehlmauer’s best help and sincerest critic.


Their jointly produced book, ‘Physical Iridology – A Textbook for Students and Teachers’, in English and Spanish, is being hailed as the new standard textbook in the field. Their new book, ‘The GREAT Liquid Diet’, addresses issues of effective treatment and cure of chronic diseases, premium health maintenance, and graceful aging and longevity. Their latest publication, IRIS-2 – Personality Iridology, is a revolutionary text in our field.


Grand Medicine courses in Sclerology, Physical Iridology and Personality Iridology are conducted in many countries. Awarded a research grant by the McCoye Foundation in Los Angeles, GranMed is now involved in a 10-year longitudinal study designed to show how diabetes can be seen and predicted via Eyology – toward establishing our science in mainstream medicine.


Nenita and Dr. Leonard teach Anatomy of the Eye, Advanced Eyology and Clinical Naturopathy for Heilsumeistaraskólinn.




Kristbjörg Kristmundsdóttir makes and offers Icelandic Flower Essences. For 30 years Kristbjörg has developed and used the Essences in her work as a flower essence therapist and trainer of therapists. She is currently writing a book about the first 44 Icelandic Flower Essence plants that will be published in both Icelandic and English. She is also one of the leading pioneers of organic farming and living in harmony with Mother Nature in Iceland. Kristbjörg Kristmundsdóttir is a natural physician, educated as a Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist and Naturopath at The School of Natural Medicine in USA. She is a yoga teacher and kundalini-meditation instructor in India and USA. Kristbjörg offers yoga classes, yoga teacher training and flower essence therapy training while also seeing individual clients. She sees herself as an eternal student of mother Earth and yoga and spends 2-3 months every year studying with Mother Earth for flower essence development and deeper yogic studies.


Kristbjörg teaches the Flower Essence and Icelandic Medicinal Herbs classes for Heilsumeistaraskólinn.




Kristín Kolbeinsdottir has a B.Ed. from Háskóli Akureyrar. She studied naturopathy with Heilsumeistaraskólinn for three years. She opened her company, Silva hráfæði ehf, in 2012 located at Syðra-Laugaland efra in Eyjafjarðarsveit. Silva is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant that offers a broad variety of cooked and raw dishes, healthy cakes and deserts, smoothies, fresh juices and organic drinks. In the wintertime, Kristín teaches courses on vegetarian and raw food, nutritional sweets and a healthier lifestyle. She also arranges courses according to the customer’s wishes. She offers individual counseling for people who want to adopt healthier lifestyles, teaching them how to prepare healthier choices of food using natural methods.


Kristín teaches the Living Food class for Heilsumeistaraskólinn.




Hildur Hakonardottir has a background in the visual arts and a career in teaching and administrating along with her own artistic endeavors. After moving to the country in 1980 she supervised the regional Art- and Historical Museum.Living closely connected with nature, she has grown her own food for nearly 30 years and collected wild plants from the lowland, mountains and sea. Though well acquainted with the medicinal attributes of plants and schooled by the herbalist, Jeanne Rose, her chief interest lies in cultivating a kitchen garden and using local plants for nourishment.Hildur is a certified Rebirther and has studied and taught yoga and other disciplines. Amongst her many cherished teachers have been Dhyani Ywahoo, Gloria Karpinsky and the reichist David Boadella.


Of her three published books, two have been about plants, ‘The Edible Garden’ and the ‘Queen of Blueland’. In ‘The Edible Garden’ Hildur writes about plant wisdom and the herbal lore she absorbed in her childhood and gives practical advice mingled with philosophy. The ‘Queen of Blueland’ tackles the history of gardening, with emphasis on the potato and how it is interwoven with our cultural patterns.


Hildur teaches the Wild Edibles class for Heilsumeistaraskólinn



Jóhanna Borghildur Magnusdottir is educated as a gardener and has also completed a 3½ year study in Waldorf-pedagogy. Jóhanna was raised with growing plants of various kinds and have always grown her own vegetables. Currently, Jóhanna is responsible for the growing of organic vegetables in Bjarkási. She has also, in recent years, taught courses on organic gardening in her own garden in Mosfellsdalur.


Jóhanna teaches Organic Gardening for Heilsumeistaraskólinn.



Bryndís Arnarsdóttir lives in Akureyri, a town in northern Iceland. She graduated as a nurse in 1994 and worked after graduation at various jobs such as LSP alcohol and drug treatment, dialysis and neonatal intensive care. In 2001 Bryndís started working with alcohol and drug prevention among children and adolescents. Bryndís has always been interested in traditional medicine and after she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1993 and had gone through countless alternative treatments to regain her health, Bryndís decided to enroll in Heilsumeistrarakólinn. Bryndís was among the first students to begin their studies in fall 2007 and graduated as a naturopath in 2010.Exercise has always been part of Bryndís lifestyle and Bryndís graduated as personal trainer in the spring of 2011. That same year she graduated as a yoga teacher. Bryndís is currently pursuing further studies in yoga.


Bryndís works with rehabilitation for people who have had to leave the job market due to mental and/or physical illness. She also she teaches yoga along with working as personal trainer and teaching fitness.


Once a year, Bryndís offers a “Fastday” 10-day health class in collaboration with Hotel Reynihlíð in lake Myvatn, cleansing the body, mind and soul with light vegetarian food, hiking, yoga and teaching about nutrition and how to improve health.


Bryndís teaches the Nutrition class in Heilsumeistaraskólinn.