Lilja Oddsdóttir

School Director
Certified Alternative Health Practitioner
Master Iridologist

Lilja is one of the pioneers bringing the discipline of eyology to Iceland. She teaches iridology and sclerology, two of the main components of eyology, in Heilsumeistaraskólinn, the only naturopathic school in Iceland. Twelve years ago, she encountered the Young Living Therapeutic Essential Oils and fell in love wirh them. Since then, she has been sharing their healing powers with others.

When Lilja first child arrived she started searching for natural solutions to common children’s illnesses, such as asthma and ear infection. She found her solution with herbalism. This initiated her journey into natural medicines and their healing power, including herbs, nutrition and various other natural healing modalities to return balance to one’s health which eventually was enjoyed by her entire family. This interest in natural medicine led her to study Naturopathic Iridology.

After completing her studies in naturopathy 2010 Lilja was instrumental in the founding of the Icelandic Association of Iridologists. She has been on the board of the Association of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine in Iceland for many years as well as serving a 2-year term as the president.

Lilja was one of the founders of Heilsumeistaraskólinn and was instrumental in getting it recognized by the Ministry of Education. A unique curriculum makes this study a treasure chest for the students whether they want to use it for their own health or to help others.

Lilja’s has a profound interest in the environment and everything natural as a resource for health and healing. One of the way this interest has expressed itself is with the founding of A-voxtur, an association aimed at increasing awareness of growing fruit trees, edible plants, food independence and help sustain a greener Earth. Members are now close to 100 and ‘A-voxtur’ has donated several apple trees to parks and schools.

Lilja’s latest creative endeavor was taking part in opening Olíulindin, a healing and teaching center devoted to Young Living Essential Oils products.

Heilsumeistaraskólinn has it’s offices and teaching venue in Olíulindin.