Gitte Lassen

School Director
B.S., Cand. Scient.
Transformational Coach for Highly Sensitive People

Personal Transformation has been Gitte’s passion for the last 30 years. For the last two decades she has brought her passion to the world in the form of counseling and teachings in many areas of life, including work with natural medicine and alternative healing modalities.

From her early years, Gitte was interested in herbs and herbal medicine. She was born in Denmark where she grew up in a small village close to nature. She started reading books on herbalism and collecting herbs when she was in her late teens. This interest continued into her twenties when she became a vegetarian, explored using wild herbs as food, started sprouting alfalfa and attended her very first weekend workshop on making natural toiletries. Later her interest turned to personal transformation from a multi-dimensional perspective, something that has now become the core of her work with Positive Power.

Then when Gitte lost her health to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (myalgic encephalomyelitis, chronic Epstein-Barr virus infection) some 12 years ago, she returned to natural medicine and used a holistic integrated natural approach to getting her health back – the system that is now taught in the school. So Gitte knows for sure that what the school teaches works! This is also the time when she met her co-director Lilja Oddsdóttir.

Since then Gitte has been a firm believer in the power of bodymind natural modalities and knows that natural, radiant health is one of the pillars of living a Positive Power life.

Heilsumeistaraskólinn opened its doors in 2007 to teach bodymind holistic integrated natural medicine while taking all students on a journey of personal transformation. Besides co-directing the school with Lilja, she teaches several of the school’s classes as well as conducting her own work with Positive Power.

Originally educated as a geophysicist, Gitte discovered twenty years ago that her life’s purpose is to help people transform their own lives. Since then she has not only educated herself extensively in various transformational methods and paths, but has also helped as many people as she could become persons of Positive Power, create lives of Positive Power, and taught them how to make a living on their unique Positive Power gifts and talents.

She conducts her work through private practice, lectures, and workshops as well as here in Heilsumeistaraskólinn. Whatever outer form her work takes, the aim is always that of helping people transform into becoming their truest self and guiding them to live a Positive Power life.

The following sentence perfectly expresses how she approaches her work:

“To touch the soul of another human being is to walk on holy ground.”

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