A majority of the classes interweaves lectures with practical exercises and experiences.

Naturopathy 1 – Lilja Oddsdóttir, Gitte Lassen, graduates
This first class prepares the student for their individual Naturopathic Self-Healing program which is the first module in the school: To follow this program for a 3-month period. This program includes most of the modalities taught in school and will be the students first experience of the healing power of holistic natural medicine.
Naturopathy 2 – Gitte Lassen, Lilja Oddsdóttir, Hildur Hákónardóttir
This class introduces the holistic, naturopathic principles and healing approach the school teaches as well as providing the students further support with their Naturopathic Self-Healing program, which they received in the Heiilsumeistarafræði 1 class. Simple naturopathic home treatments and other basics are taught as well. Also taught is the history of Naturopathy throughout the ages.
Eyology Introduction – Lilja Oddsdóttir
Iridology and sclerology together makes up the art and science of eyology. Eyology provides a picture of a person’s constitution regarding weaknesses and strength and is an excellent analysis for guiding treatment. Eyology furthermore is a way for each one of us to learn about ourselves and to work with our own health.
Nutrition – Bryndis Arnardóttir
Introducing nutritional theory and the value of nutrients for health. The physical body is a food body and the value of correct nutrition cannot be emphasized enough. The basics of nutrition are explained as well as their relationship to the proper functioning of the body.
Food as Medicine – Gitte Lassen, Lilja Oddsdóttir
Continuing laying the groundwork for an understanding of the importance of a proper diet in naturopathic treatments, various diets and supplements are explored, experienced and discussed. A hands-on class where the students will prepare their own lunch.
Essential Oils 1 – Lilja Oddsdóttir
Essential Oils are explained, explored and experienced in the context of day-to-day use, clinical use, topical and internal application, the Raindrop Therapy™ and Vita-Flex™ techniques. The class alternates teacher presentation and lectures with group discussion and practical learning.
Essential Oils 2 – Lilja Oddsdóttir
In this class the student will learn about the chemistry of the essential oils as well further forms of treatment using the essential oils, including NeuroAuricular Technique and the complete Vitaflex method. The essential oils of biblical times are explored. For this class we have also brought in guest teachers from abroad with various expertise in the use and application of essential oils.
Living Foods - Kristín Kolbeinsdóttir
Living Foods was developed and taught by Dr. Ann Wigmore and is taught according to her teachings, creatively enhanced by the school’s teachers and adapted to Iceland. In this class the theory and practice of Living Food is presented. The students will experience the different elements of food preparation as well as practicing pro-health eating techniques. This class is taught in Akureyri.
Traditional Herbalism – Brigitte Mars
A traditional approach to herbalism with an emphasis on safe herbs that either grows in Iceland or can be legally imported is taught. This class includes introduction to herbalism, herbs for common ailments, the making of simple herbal remedies and the ancient art of simpling. Chronic illness, case studies, and the use of herbs in various health conditions. Formula making. Case studies and clinical herbalism. Several herb walks are included in this class.
Organic Gardening - Jóhanna Magnusdóttir
Growing vegetables and herbs. Soil health, gardening practices, harvesting and more. This class includes a working visit to the teachers organic garden.
Wild Edibles - Hildur Hákónardóttir
A trip to the beach to explore how to harvest and eat seaweeds and the plants living there as well as a visit to Hildur’s magical garden to work with the wild edibles growing there.
Icelandic medicinal herbs – Kristbjörg Kristmundsdóttir
An exploration of Icelandic medicinal herbs. Includes herb walks.
Sclerology – Lilja Oddsdóttir
Sclerology is the art and science of analyzing the markings in the sclera (the white of the eyes). The sclera markings provide relevant information on the current state of health of the person and the cause of any health problems. The signs and markings of the white of the eyes and their meaning and significance approached through students’ scleras.
Iridology – Lilja Oddsdóttir
Iridology is the art and science of analyzing the iris. This class includes the basics of iris analysis according to the method developed by Dr. Leonard Mehlmauer, which builds on several decades research as well as on the knowledge of other iridologists. Analysis of students’ irises.
Personality Iridology – Gitte Lassen
Emotional, mental and behavior patterns as seen in the iris.
Personal Transformation – Gitte Lassen
Common psychological and emotional issues. This class explores the heritage of growing up in a dysfunctional family and codependence, with a focus on future client interactions. The class is primarily lectures, interspersed with group discussions and personal reflection time.
Esoteric Naturopathy – Gitte Lassen
Body-mind-spirit health and naturopathy explored through the ancient Eastern system of the chakras. Body-mind-spirit health and lack thereof is viewed, explained and experienced through the ancient Eastern system of the chakras, combining pathology, psychology and esoteric information to gain an understanding of the interplay between body, mind and spirit and how all three must be considered for a full naturopathic treatment.
Touch Therapy – Gitte Lassen
Massage and manual manipulations of the body’s tissues have proven beneficial in improving health. The Touch Therapy class focuses on learning, exploring and experiencing various varieties of touch through the venue of the reflex zones on the feet focusing on making the deepest possible connection with the client and triggering profound healing responses. Essential oils are used to enhance the healing power of this modality. Each day includes a student exchange.
Flower Essences – Kristbjörg Kristmundsdóttir
Flower essences and their use in body-mind-spirit healing with emphasis on Icelandic Nature Essences. History and theory interwoven with presentation of the Icelandic Nature Essences (Blómadropar Kristbjargar) and practical applications.
Bodymind naturopathy – Gitte Lassen
Research shows that as up to 90% of all physical health problems have an emotional/mental root. This class covers the science of the body-mind connection. The student explores several methods for accessing and healing the emotional roots.
Advanded Eyology – Dr. Leonard Mehlmauer, Nenita Sarmiento
Concluding the teaching on eyology, this class goes deeper into personality and sclerology including newest research. Live case studies as well as learning through the students own eyes.
Clinical Naturopathy – Dr. Leonard Mehlmauer, Nenita Sarmiento
Practical skills and protocols of clinical naturopathy. Dr. Leonard Mehlamuer shares his experience of four decades in clinical naturopathy including latest findings, case studies, procedures, business skills and more.
Naturopathy 3 – Lilja Oddsdóttir, Gitte Lassen
In this class all modalities learned will be brought together into a whole concept of integrated naturopathy and applied to future work with clients. Group work on cases. This class includes mentoring the new students through their naturopathic programs, received in the Naturopathy 1 class.
Retreat – Gitte Lassen, Lilja Oddsdóttir and more
The ultimate naturopathic healing experience through a 8-day committed program. The Retreat puts what the student has learned during the last three years into focus through applied diet, naturopathic treatments and presentation of final case studies. Students participate in meal preparations, practices and discussions. Last night is celebration and graduation.
Internship – Lilja Oddsdóttir, Gitte Lassen
For further experience, graduates must intern under supervision of Lilja Oddsdóttir, and Gitte Lassen on 15 cases.
Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology, First aid
To graduate from Heilsumeistaraskólinn all students need to have completed a basic course in Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology and professional ethics as well as First Aid. These classes are taken outside the school.