About Us

  • Deep embodied knowledge in a variety of non-invasive treatment modalities
  • Fun and laughter
  • Bonding
  • Life-long friendship
  • Beautiful lifestyle changes
  • Personal growth and evolution
  • Awareness and conscious living
  • Heading on many levels
  • Adventure and exploration
  • Opening doors to new opportunities
  • Enrichment in personal and professional life
  • Better health- radiant health
  • Inspiration, enthusiasm, passion awakened
  • Sharing of wisdom from the teachers
  • Life changing class experiences
  • Hugs and kisses and lots of love
…… is just some of what you can expect as a student at the Heilsumeistaraskólinn.

When you join Heilsumeistaraskólinn you embark on an adventure into a new way of living – in many ways a feeling of coming home – and an exploration of your own talents, strengths and intuitive wisdom.

The school’s motto is being responsible for your own health and this is the red thread underlying the schools curriculum. Teaching their patients to become independently healthy is traditionally an important aspect of a naturopaths approach to treatment and practice, and also the school directors’ philosophy: to empower patients and students alike.

One way this manifests itself is that you and all your fellow students are guided and supported through a body-mind-spirit evolutionary healing and transformational growth process; a process that will awaken dormant talents, inner knowledge and strengths. We, the school directors, are available to assist and support you throughout this time.

You will bond strongly with your fellow students and travelers on the journey of embodying naturopathy in its purest form.

You will, as a student, find that you resonate more with some parts of the teachings than others, and that is fine and wonderful – the school educates individual human beings, not robots. We expect our students to take what they learn into many unexpected and wonderful arenas.

And last, but by no means least, you’ll find that everything you learn will become part of your consciously chosen future life and lifestyle. And you’ll love it!

Lilja and Gitte

School Directors

  • A naturopath is a prime care practitioner educated in a wide range of natural analysis and treatment techniques, who employs these in consultations, educational guidance individual treatment and healing programs.
  • Heilsumeistaraskólinn is a unique naturopathic school using advanced learning techniques with multiple intelligence educational approaches to the teaching and learning of the curriculum as well as embodying the knowledge through self-healing and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Heilsumeistaraskólinn regards the human nature as a whole – body, mind and soul. Having a healthy lifestyle is as important for the mental-emotional-spiritual aspects of you as for your physical body.
  • Heilsumeistaraskólinn supports each student’s creative emergence while they embody the living archetypes of the healer and teacher. Quality professional skills are combined with evolution of consciousness as the students embody the teachings and become living examples of the teachings and authentic guides for others.
  • The school emphasizes practical, useable, hands-on knowledge directed from the beginning towards a working client-naturopath relationship rather than merely obtaining a collection of facts, with little guidance and skill-training on how to use the knowledge.
  • Graduates will offer treatments of integrated holistic naturopathy.

Naturopathy: a distinct system of non-invasive healthcare and health assessment in which neither surgery nor drugs are used, dependence being placed only on education, counseling, naturopathic modalities and natural substance.

Heilsumeistaraskólinn teaches holistic traditional naturopathy also known as integrated natural medicine. Naturopathy is the science, art, philosophy and practice of analysis, treatment and prevention of illness without pharmaceutical drugs or surgery. Naturopathy emphasizes the body’s innate ability to heal and maintain itself. Health restoration as well as disease treatment are approached using an integrated system of analytical methods and natural healing modalities along with positive lifestyle counseling. The methods used are traditional as well as modern and are integrated with findings from scientific research.

The principles the Heilsumeistaraskólinn follows are:

Authentic graduates
Uniquely, Heilsumeistaraskólinn emphasizes that all students must be authentic role models of a holistic naturopathic lifestyle at the time of graduation. This process, of transforming lifestyles, is initiated at the time of joining the school with an individualized Naturopathic Self-Healing program, encompassing the school’s teachings, provided by the schools directors. Student’s lifestyle transformation is supported throughout the entire study, through Student Circles when student group means and by further consultation with school directors.

Nature Cure
Heilsumeistaraskólinn recognizes and teaches the inherent healing power of nature and natural processes, which are seen as self-organizing, and which restore and maintain health. It is the graduate’s role to support, facilitate and enhance the body’s natural healing process by identifying and removing obstacles to health and recovery, and by supporting the creation of a healthy body ecology through application of naturopathic treatments and lifestyle counseling.

Treating the cause of illness
The causes of an illness must be identified and removed before recovery and healing can take place. The graduate seeks to treat the causes of illness, rather than merely eliminating or suppressing symptoms.

Holistic analysis and treatment
Health and illness occur as a combination of a variety of physical, mental/emotional, genetic, environmental and social factors. Heilsumeistaraskólinn recognizes that all these factors are causative and that restoring and maintaining a balanced lifestyle is essential to health. To this end, the student is trained in case history taking and analysis as well as being taught a range of modalities to treat body and psyche. The graduate learns to treat the person, not the illness, although the healing of an illness may be the main focus.

Prevention of illness
Heilsumeistaraskólinn emphasizes the study of health as well as illness. A graduate is taught to treat illness as well as how to adopt a health supporting lifestyle. All graduates are required to be authentic living examples of such a lifestyle.

Naturopathic Treatment
The treatment modalities taught in Heilsumeistaraskólinn all strengthens the bodies ability to overcome illness and maintain homeostasis. No drugs or synthetic supplements are used, neither are invasive procedures.

The graduate as teacher
A graduate’s role is educate the client to become self-responsible for his/her health as well as assist him/her to restore health.

At the time of graduation graduates will:

  • Have experienced for themselves and on themselves the profound positive and transformative effect on body, mind and spirit of a Naturopathic Self-Healing program
  • Have experienced on their own bodies the healing power of nature and natural healing methods
  • Have a profound understanding of the fundamental principles of naturopathy/integrated natural medicine based on empirical and scientific findings
  • Be well trained in the analytic methods of iridology and sclerology
  • Understand the essential role of nutrition in health and illness and have embodied a range of healing diets, in particular the Living Foods diet
  • Know how to use safe and legal herbs individually or in formulas as a healing modality
  • Know how to use essential oils for physical and emotional/psychological conditions
  • Will have explored and embodied a wide range of traditional naturopathic treatments
  • Have an understanding of the Eastern system of the chakras and how to use this is naturopathy healthcare
  • Know how to use Icelandic Nature Essences for restoring psychological, emotional and spiritual imbalances
  • Have completed a range of assignments designed to enhance creative use of learnings as well as critical evaluation
  • Be able to counsel on lifestyle modifications for health restoration and maintenance and illness prevention
  • Be able to create a personalized holistic healing program integrating various modalities of natural medicine based on thorough case history taking and analysis.