Are you health-conscious and would like to know even more about natural health and healthy lifestyle?
Are you a health practitioner that would like to get even better results with your clients?
Are you wanting to transform your own life to one of radiant health and positive power?

Nature’s healing power

Join us for a three-year study in holistic, integrated,natural medicine

  • Holistic naturopathy
  • Traditional herbalism
  • Eyology – iridology and sclerology
  • Personal transformation
  • Healing foods and nutrition
  • Essential Oils
  • Flower Essences
  • Esoteric Naturopathy

… and much more

The aim of the study is three-fold

  • to provide a comprehensive education in naturopathy and integrated natural medicine
  • to help the student embody the learning and develop his/her own inner wisdom
  • to guide and support each student through their own self-healing in order that they become authentic living examples of the school’s teaching